The Problem with Leadership Development Plans

Gregory Stanhewicz Leadership Development

Leadership development is an important thing to focus on because you want to find the leaders of the future. Identifying people with good leadership qualities and giving them the training they need should be a good thing for your company. However, many companies discover that leadership development plans are harder to pull off than originally expected. Read on to learn about some of the common problems that companies encounter with leadership development plans. 

Employees Don’t Want to Participate

If employees don’t really want to participate in leadership development sessions, then it’s not going to go well. You need to take the time to make sure that people are willing and interested in developing as leaders. If people are only going because they feel obligated, then it’s always going to be tough to make progress. Try to narrow your leadership development plans and find the people who really wish to become leaders. 

Giving Leadership Training Too Late

Did you know the ideal age of a first-time manager is said to be 30? The problem is that many first-time leaders wind up never receiving any leadership training until they’re at least 40. When someone receives no training for so long it becomes even more difficult to train them in the right ways to do things. You need to try to catch people when they’re younger to instill the right habits in them. 

Lack of Coaching

Training shouldn’t be all about giving lectures and expecting people to learn from them. You should provide individual coaching to the leaders of the future to help them develop. Coaching can wind up being much more valuable than giving speeches or presentations. Be ready to coach the up and coming leaders so they can keep moving forward professionally. 

Leadership Training Needs to Align with Company Evaluations

Company evaluations sometimes go against what people are taught in leadership training. If someone has to ignore what they learned to meet quotas or live up to company standards, then what has the leadership training accomplished? You need to evaluate your company evaluation process and make important changes. Line things up correctly with your leadership development standards to get the right results. 

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How Music Influences Us


Gregory Stanhewicz How Music Influences Us

Music is something that humanity has a deep and profound connection with. Many people love music so much that they make it a huge part of their lives. It’s interesting to see how music influences people and what it means to society as a whole. Keep reading to get more information on the influence that music has on people. 

Music Can Change Your Mood

You have probably listened to music quite a bit in your life and you likely know that it has an impact on your mood. People who listen to certain types of music might wind up having their moods change based on the type of song that is being played. For example, a sad song can make people feel a bit melancholy while a happy song can lift the human spirit. People use music all the time to alter their moods and the type of music that you gravitate toward does have an impact on you in various ways. 

Music Can Help You to Think Better

Did you know that people who listen to music might gain some cognitive benefits? Studies have shown that music has the potential to improve focus and cognitive abilities in many people. Also, playing music has been shown to improve scores on math tests in various studies. The impact music has on the human brain is quite profound. 

Music Brings People Together

The power of music isn’t limited to just impacting people individually. It can also bring people together and help them to understand one another. You can see many examples of how music has helped to break down cultural barriers throughout history. People start to relate to each other on deeper levels due to a shared love of music. 

Music Gives People a Sense of Identity

For some people, music can even give them a sense of identity. You have probably seen many people who identify with certain genres of music and they form communities based around their shared love of that music. This is the case for fans of heavy metal, hip-hop, country, and many other genres of music. Music becomes a part of various people’s cultures.

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